Пес 2018 smoke patch скачать торрент

Инсталлятор проверен : Norton Antivirus
Версия 16.19.17
Дата файла 26.08.2019
Размер 434 РњР±
Категория Ebook
Автор раздачи Alstroemeria
Платформа Windows, MAC, Linux
Язык интерфейся Русский, английский
Лицензия Commercial

Топ онлайн. Зарегистрироваться Забыл пароль? Sign in. Installed and Fantastic Patch! Can i play online with сеачать friend who has the patch installed? Thanks for great work, but i need some help. Get help.

Kits: this version shares the same kits used for smoke patch for pes пес 2018 smoke patch скачать торрент, as we mentioned before, we give priority to apply real kits for teams instead of fake kits, we update kits for major clubs but not all teams have the kits of the current season, in each version we update more kits, special thanks to anyone who create тлррент kits and sent to us.

Teams: the teams in this version are the same as in smoke patch for pesyou can check the teams list here, more teams will be added in pes andall the teams are licenced in the patch, with the exception of two teams pes united and we united these two teams are left untouched for user customization.

Pattch players stats and attributes are the latest konami stats of pesno fake players in the game except in http://slando.xyz/skrinshoti/deystviya-dlya-igri-pravda-ili-deystvie-18-plyus.php two modifiable teams.

Stadiums: the same stadiums used in previous smoke patch is used now, трорент some minor enhancements and corrections. Boots, Gloves and Balls: same boots, gloves and balls used in this version, we might пкс a new packs in the future, meanwhile if you want to add a pack made by others you can replace the CPK files without changing the dpfilelist. Addons: due to the major structural changes in the patch, not all smoke addons will work in this version, тррент will make new ones for both versions pes pes the turf switcher works fine and all пес 2018 smoke patch скачать торрент extra slots system are also the same.

Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. PES Patch. Do I need other version of smoke patch or only this one to install into тторрент pes folder?

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