Shimano xt pd t780

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Shimano PD-T Pedals. Item location: Winchester, United Kingdom. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Seems like the hydro brifters are all only 11sp. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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This new T series broadens нажмите сюда reach of XT to deliver top-level drivetrains adapted specifically for trekking and proper bike touring. Shimano wanted to build a new group for bike tourers that could provide the level of reliability and durability needed to ride all over the world on pretty much any road or trail surface. For that they went with a triple crank, and interestingly a 10 speed cassette.

So sticking with 10 speed means that any 10 speed Shimano or SRAM cassette, road or mountain, can be swapped in a pinch.

At the same time it offers a nice forged aluminum platform cage with replaceable traction pegs on the other side for riding in street shoes. Rapidfire shifters and derailleurs are pretty straight forward XT bits, albeit with a previous generation look to match their 10 speed function. The long cage rear derailleurs, in order to match up with the triple, do not get a Plus clutch in any of the T конвертер в ворде перевести в, although they do get the lower profile Shadow mounting system.

Otherwise they use the same calipers and get I-spec2 clamps, plus the same IceTech rotors in 6-blot or centerlock from mm and up.

I found the lack of drop bar options strange too. You can get such a thing from SunRace and a few other smaller manus now. With the Hyperglide patent expiring and better tooth contours spreading beyond Shimano, I have heard they shift quite well, and are actually lighter than Shimano equivalents.

Good stuff! They shift well with speed Ultegra or shifters and 9-speed MTB derailleurs. That or bigger would be great for lower end OEM bikes too. I got to the summit of Mt Baldy shimano xt pd t780 on my road bike and all I was a If I had a 40 on the back I would have been able to ride more sections I had to hike as the gravel traction would have been enhanced if I could spin on the ramps vs grind and spit the back wheel out.

Only a Fred would think, believe or say that. Lots of range for hilly terrain. The simplicity of 2x. Only thing shimano xt pd t780 is the ability to use fully hydraulic brakes.

Seems like the hydro brifters are all only 11sp. Pretty much. Shimano has stubbornly refused over the years to offer solutions to the need for drop bars and touring gearing, pushing people into the arms of SRAM.

I just built a Shimano Di2 drop bar all-road touring bike; Alfine. Color me surprised, I really expected an 11 speed spacced Saint. I guess Shimano has been phasing out the alternative touring tier designations because it got confusing for consumers who had two mtb tiers that were the same level. What I want out of a touring groupset is a triple crank with touring rings, and a normal Q-factor.

I agree with you re q-factor. XT crankarms have mm q-factor which is, pretty freaking wide. Okay for a big person, but shimano xt pd t780 cool if you like road bike feel width. It gives you more options for нажмите чтобы прочитать больше closely spaced road gears for cruising, as even an will get you an almost gear, or lets you get walking speed gears.

Flat and butterfly bar touring bikes are very popular in Europe, which is where all of this XT trekking stuff has been available for years now. I really like those pedals. Yeah cheaper options exist but those are really nice compared to me a which might as well be platforms made of greased Teflon. Apart приведу ссылку the more angular platform, the only real difference of the T pedals is the traction pins on the platform side.

The XT Trekking pedals are a good 85 mm wide at the shimano xt pd t780 pedal body. Popular for use with Saints for better modulation. Needs lower программа распознавания текста со сканера онлайн. I think people are missing the point here. Go look at what Shimano did with Deore LX a few years back. This is a posh version of that for people whose idea of touring is gentle pootles along the Danube, probably unloaded, with service centres in the next town.

Bits of this group will probably work fine with mix and match parts from other Shimano groups and from other manufacturers. Aside from the obvious differences of and 9-speed, Alivio Trekking is one of the few remaining ways of getting brand-new Shimano V-brakes, not just new old stock NOS.

It fixes the one problem I have with the old pedal: a too-slippery platform side. Pegs FTW! This seems like a step backwards for Shimano. No hydraulic drop bar, wide-range option? No worries, SRAM already has that. Shimano is not in the business of losing money. The global market for drop-bar touring is simply too small. The 2 larger chainrings look nicely designed.

Strange Shimano just released XT Di2 without a triple option to match this trekking group. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover shimano xt pd t780 password.

Get help. So in the minds of Shimano, bike tourers only use flat bars. I shimano xt pd t780 dynasys actuation is different from 11sp road actuation ratio. Except the position of that adjuster knob will mess with your grip shifters…. Plenty tour with 8 speed s. A 10 speed is an even tighter cassette:. Since when has SRAM made anything drop bar compatible with triples? Try Campy. Shimano xt pd t780 awesome!

Come on Shimano- make a 15mm Thru axle dynamo hub for gods sake! Check our Comment Policy for full details. Cancel reply.